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Bulk Analysis of Over 900+ Major Online Stores



Quickly FILTER your product finds and subtract fees and discounts to find your anticipated profits, ROI & much more.


1. Bulk & Power Sourcing

The classic way to use OAXRAY is to search for products on one of the 900+ sites we support and with the click of the extension button, you will see which items may be profitable and which are not. With OAXRAY, you will be able to also see the ROI, sales rank and what the net payouts are.

The most powerful features of OAXRAY are redesigning the concept of POWER SOURCING:

Multiple Search Pages

You can run OAXRAY on many search pages simultaneously.

Lightning Speed

You don't have to wait until the first page is done!

Search & Export Options

At the bottom or top of your search results, click on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th pages (and so on) on the search results & run OAXRAY on these pages as well.

Options Settings

In the 'options' section of the OAXRAY extension TOGGLE settings to choose whether or not to have results for each search page appear in their own tab or in one consolidated tab.

POWER SOURCING TIP: Make sure to set your search page to display the MAXIMUM amount of PRODUCTS per PAGE.

SPOTLIGHT: How I Use OAXRAY, by Bob Steele

"I use OAXRAY on a daily basis. I'll take a single lead then go to the source site and scan similar items. I will also do a reverse scan from Amazon on similar items. Many times 1 single lea then becomes 5 or more different items to purchase.

OAXRAY pays for it's monthly fee multiple times over every month. It's a user friendly and one of the most powerful pieces of software available for Amazon sellers."

~ Bob Steele, OAXRAY User

VIDEO: Channel Introduction To OAXRAY

2. Upload Your Own Leads For Analysis


  • Use the 'Load CSV' tab to load your own .CSV (comma separated value) file into OAXRAY & run the extension on your own list of UPC's/ASIN's/ISBN's and costs.
  • You'll need a simple .CSV file with a cost column and UPC, ASIN, or ISBN column.

Great for running data you've previously found on OAXRAY and exported lists from wholesalers.

POWER SOURCING TIP: To use this feature, you'll need to enter your MWS credentials into your OAXRAY Settings. Instructions on setting up your MWS Credentials can be found here.

3. Amazon-to-Amazon Deal Finds

Use our AZ-to-AZ Deal Finder to search for potential AZ-to-AZ deals using a search term or import a URL from your Amazon search.

  • Find items that have reached ultra LOW prices on AMAZON that are low enough from their typical selling price that you can buy them and sell them back on AMAZON.

POWER SOURCING TIP: It is against Amazon Terms of Service to use your Prime benefits or any sort of Amazon Affiliate (associate) links for these types of buys. Be sure to perform these flips in a manner congruent with Amazon TOS.

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4. Comparative Shopping & Seller Tools

Gain Insights into more than just one store at a time. You can easily discover the cheapest price available on all 900+ supported sites.


Find a great sale on one site, only to discover to your surprise, that nothing shows up as being profitable. Look to see if the prices match exactly.

  • Amazon often price matches sites, especially many of the 900+ SITES OAXRAY supports.
  • Hover over the Amazon price on these items to check the Keepa graph.
  • You may find a sharp drop in the pricing as a result of Amazon price matching.
  • What originally looked like an unprofitable item is now a DOUBLE opportunity to buy quanitites of from both Amazon and the store you were sourcing.

POWER SOURCING TIP: Carefully note quantity limits for stores you use frequently. This will help you guage anticipated competition. Products that are not faster turning and do not have strict in-stock quantities or per-buyer limits may become saturated.